David Letterman slapped with class action lawsuit by unpaid interns


NSFW    A former intern on David Letterman’s “The Late Show” is alleging the show violated minimum wage and labor laws.

Mallory Musallam, 26, says that since 2008, interns including herself, worked more than 40 unpaid hours a week.

Internships are supposed to help people build skills for a career, but Musallam says that the interns at “The Late Show” were simply given ordinary work that is usually assigned to paid employees.

So she’s filed a class action lawsuit against David Letterman on behalf of all former interns demanding back pay, interest and lawyer’s fees.

Other big companies are in the crosshairs of interns as well, with Warner Music, Atlantic Records, Conde Nast and Hearst Corp all finding themselves in court.

The interns are hoping for a nice fat payday should they hopefully prove “The Late Show” violated U.S. law criteria for unpaid internships.

According to those laws, you can’t just call someone an ‘intern’ and then turn them into an unpaid employee, cuz, you know, that’s like slavery.
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