Cowboys Joseph Randle pointed a gun at baby mama, dumped a lot of weed


NSFW    Dallas Cowboys backup running back Joseph Randle flashed a gun, busted a car window and tossed away a ton of weed because the police were coming, the mother of his son told a 911 operator after an argument last week at a Wichita Hotel.

Three of the 911 calls, two of them made by ex-girlfriend Dalia Jacobs, were given to The Wichita Eagle through an open-records request.

When officers got to the Waterwalk hotel shortly before 3 a.m. they did not find a weapon, but they did find a small amount of weed in the hotel room registered to Randle. He was cited for suspicion of drug possession and given a notice to appear in court, but the charge was later dismissed.

At some point, Jacobs got into her car with their son and her friend when Randle punched through the window and hit Jacob’s friend in the face. Then the Cowboys running back was kind enough to flash a gun at them.

After Jacobs frantically called 911, Randle got nervous and dumped most of the mary jane and the gun before the po po arrived. Jacobs tried to call back and take back her 911 order, but that didn’t go so well.

Jacobs requested a protective order against Randle on Wednesday.
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