Chinese Chef Spits And Leaves Cigarette Butt in Food


NSFW    XI'AN, CHINA — A diner watched surveillance footage of a chef spitting into his dish while cooking it for him.

The customer gained access to the video after finding a cigarette butt in a stew he had ordered and then complained about it to the restaurant.

He said he saw the chef 'spitting especially' into the stew but the restaurant worker claimed he was experiencing tightness in the throat and spat on the ground.

Local media reported that the incident took place at around 2 pm on Sunday at the Sufuji Restaurant in Xi'an.

Mr. Zheng, the disgusted diner said he had ordered the stew for his child and sent it back to the kitchen initially due to its poor taste.

Demanding access to kitchen surveillance, he was further shocked to discover that the chef had been cooking without a face mask and then spat in his dish.

The restaurant claimed that the 22-year-old chef, Mr. Wang, had spat on the edge of the wok, not inside.

The restaurant which is located inside a mall said it had ordered the store to shut and 'dealt with the chef seriously.'

Taking to social media, the restaurant said it was very ashamed of the incident.

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