China Violates Taiwan's Airspace for the Fourth Time in Nine Days


NSFW    TAIPEI ??Taiwan's air force on Wednesday warned off Chinese warplanes that approached the country, the defense ministry said, reporting the fourth such intrusion in just nine days.

The Chinese J-10, a fighter jet, and Y-8, a turboprop surveillance aircraft, entered Taiwan's air defence identification zone to the southwest of the country on Wednesday.

Taiwanese fighter planes issued a verbal warning to the Chinese aircraft to leave and the Chinese planes "immediately left" the air defence identification zone, the ministry said.

The latest incursion comes after a J-10 fighter entered Taiwan's air defence identification zone from the southwest on Tuesday.

On Friday, a Chinese Y-8 was issued a verbal warning by Taiwan's air force to leave its air space in the same area.

The Y-8 flight came only a few hours after Taiwan announced it had conducted missile tests at two locations off its eastern coast.
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