China teen gets intestinal bubble tea blockage


NSFW    XINXIANG, CHINA ??A teen from Henan had to make a trip to the emergency room after experiencing some severely unpleasant abdominal pain. Turns out the culprit was bubble tea.
According to Pear Video, he was sent for a checkup and an X-ray at the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical University, which showed signs of intestinal blockage.

In strict medical terms, the pipes were all backed up.
It appears the boy had drunk two bubble teas one week before he started feeling abdominal discomfort. Unfortunately, rather than chew the bubble tea pearls, he pretty much just swallowed them.

Bubble tea pearls are made out of tapioca starch and corn flour which could take a while to digest. Some places may also add thickening agents to the pearls which make them even harder to get rid off.

And then let's not forget the whole made in China factor.
Doctors had to go in and remove the two bubble tea blockages through surgery. Nature then took its course for the remaining pearls over the next couple of days after the operation.
Lesson of the day? Maybe add some chewing into the inhaling process.
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