China set to deploy nuclear-armed subs in Pacific Ocean as US deterrent


NSFW    China is reportedly close to deploying a “credible” sea-based nuclear deterrent, with patrols expected to start in the Pacific this year using Jin-class submarines armed with long-range JL-2 missiles.

The JL-2 missiles are similar in size and power to the United State’s Trident C4.

Each Jin class submarine is expected to carry at least 12 of the JL-2 missiles.

There are currently believed to be four Jin class submarines in existence capable of carrying this type of nuclear payload.

The missiles, if launched just off of the eastern coast of China, would put all of Europe and most of the western US in it’s 8,000 km targeting range.

The Chinese submarine fleet currently consists of four Jin class subs, five nuclear powered conventional attack subs, and 53 diesel-electric powered subs.
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