Cat to be deported over coronavirus fears


NSFW    CHENNAI, INDIA ??Hysteria over that-which-must-not-be-named has struck again and this time it involves an unlucky stowaway pussy cat, India Today reports.

According to the Khaleej Times, the feline in question arrived in Chennai port around 3 weeks ago inside a shipping container from China and has been held there on fears it has been infected.

Citing PETA India, the Khaleej Times reports that the organization has told the port that cats cannot transmit or contract that which must not be named. But, according to India Today, Chennai port quarantine has decided to send the cat back to whence it came after detaining it for over 20 days.

But did it really come from China? And is it really the wisest decision to send it back there? PETA India doesn't seem to think so.

India Today reports that Chennai-bound ships often stop in Singapore and Sri Lanka. And PETA India says that in China, cats are often killed for their meat and fur. The organization has offered to help find the cat a fur-ever home after quarantine and other checks have been completed.
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