Can Impossible dumplings and Beyond buns make it in China?


NSFW    SHANGHAI ??Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat want to tackle the Chinese market but face an uphill battle getting through governmental and cultural hoops.
According to the failing New York Times, both Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have both turned from niche start-ups into major food companies.
They have made deals with fast-food giants like Mickey D's and Burger King, and have gained recognition for introducing plant-based products that are healthier and less harmful to the environment. Okay?aybe not SO healthy.
But can both companies find a foothold in China?

Because there are so many damn people in China, it makes them the world's largest consumer of meat.

Unfortunately, as the demand in China for pork and beef continues to rise, so will the temperature of the planet.
According to the New York Times, the two companies could find it difficult to get through China's complex regulatory process that involves a ton of Red China tape.
Impossible and Beyond Meats could also face cultural challenges like making sure their faux meats meet Buddhist vegetarian laws and Chinese aversion to genetically modified foods.
But let's be realistic, it's only really Americans that have such an aversion to veggies and fruit. Getting the rest of the world, especially Asia, to get on board with plant-based alternatives shouldn't be BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE.
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