British soldier hacked to death in suspected Islamist attack


NSFW    Police are treating the killing of a serving army member in Woolwich, England, as a politically-motivated terrorist attack. Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, described the incident as “truly shocking”.

According to eyewitness accounts, two men in a car ran down an armed forces member with their car and then disembarked from the vehicle and attacked the man using various weapons including a cleaver and knives.

After killing the man, the killers then stayed at the scene talking to passersby about their motives and asking to have their pictures taken.

According to Reuters, “The attack was the first apparent Islamist killing in London since suicide bombers struck transport in July 2005. The capital was shocked by the bizarre scene of a killer covered in gore, declaring his motive to onlookers.

Police shot the two suspects while trying to arrest them, and the wounded men were taken into custody. No information was immediately released about the identity of the suspects, but two sources familiar with the investigation told Reuters authorities were investigating a possible link to Nigeria.”
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