Bow-tie wearing rabbit flies business-class to Japan


NSFW    JAPAN ??A bunny with some pretty incredible fashion sense named Coco lives better than you do.
Photos recently went viral of the bowtie-wearing rabbit flying business class from San Francisco to Japan onboard a United Airlines flight with her owner, who was starting a new job there a couple of years ago.
According to Insider, the bougie bunny incident took place in late 2018, but the pictures are just going viral now after recently appearing on sites like Metro.
Owner Takako Ogawa was moving back to Japan, but was worried Coco might not make the trip back in the hold, so she registered it as an emotional support animal and only had to pay $100 to let Coco join her in the cabin in a carry case.
After the flight took off, flight attendants let Ogawa know the seat next to her was empty, so they let Coco have it.
How considerate of United to let a rabbit use the seat rather than some unlucky person jammed in crappy economy.
People will be happy to hear that when it was time for ice cream, Coco wasn't left out. She was given her own plate of almonds and nuts to munch on.

Ogawa said she also remembers being prepared if Coco had any accidents, but apparently the rabbit didn't make a mess.
So just remember next time you hop on board your next flight, this bad & bougie bunny has you beat.
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