Austin Mahone: New Justin Bieber? We hope so!


NSFW    Austin Mahone vs. Justin Bieber: Is the Biebster on his way out? We think yes! Judging from the love his Heart in my Hand (Live on the Beach) music video is getting, he's shaping up to be the next big thing.

Early this morning, we stumbled across a little man by the name of Austin Mahone. Our super secret YouTube lab tells us he is quite popular in the viral video realm. Some of you may be thinking, "Oh NMAtv, Austin Mahone is so 2011!" To those people we say, "SORRY! Our office is not staffed by 12-year-old girls so we are a little behind on our obnoxious pop star trends". But we're guessing the rest of you don't really know who Austin Mahone is, nor do you care. You should care, though! Because if he is the next Justin Bieber, the only way you can communicate with girls under age of 13 is by knowing at least one fact about this Mahone kid.

Chances are you have a daughter, cousin, niece, student, neighbor or goddaughter around that age. If so take a gander and tell us what you think!
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