Are concussions to blame for this Ohio State football player's suicide by gun?


NSFW    Kosta Karageorge walked out of his Columbus apartment Wednesday morning around 2 a.m. and wasn’t heard from or seen alive ever again. His body was found Sunday afternoon in a dumpster less than a quarter-mile from his apartment.

The Ohio State senior texted his Mom around 1:30 a.m. apologizing for the way concussions had messed up his head. Karageorge’s sister told the Columbus Dispatch that her brother had a history of football and wrestling related concussions — the last one occurring about a month ago.

His roommates last saw him around 2 a.m. They later told authorities that he went for a walk. He walked several hundred yards and climbed into a dumpster a half block from High Street. Police say Karageorge died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The search for Karageorge began Wednesday afternoon. Four days passed by with no clue as to his whereabouts. A halftime announcement was made on Saturday’s men’s basketball game as well as at the Buckeye’s football game against Michigan.

His body was found Sunday afternoon by a woman and her son looking for something in the dumpster. They called police who confirmed it was Karageorge’s body. Police also found a handgun with the body.

The Buckeyes said they were shocked by the news in a statement via Twitter Monday morning.
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