Apple's ‘Titan' iMinivan may actually be hitting the roads soon


NSFW    Forget wearable tech, it looks as if Apple may be gearing up to get into drivable tech with its new project code-name, Titan. Move over Elon Musk and Tesla, a new Apple electric minivan may be in the building.

Apple has assigned several hundred employees to develop the electric vehicle that will no doubt have all the great things we love about Apple, like simplicity, security and Apple maps. Of course, the vehicle will have access iTunes so you can spend even more money.

We can also expect quite a few new innovations. However, the new minivan will surely come at a hefty
price, but there could be several model options. No word on if it will use the lightning connection.

The race for the electric car just got a little bit more interesting. Elon Musk’s hot-ass Tesla cars dominate the field now, but Google’s self-driving car could be a hit. Who will emerge victorious?
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