Apocalyptic Sandstorm Engulfs Chinese City in Minutes


NSFW    HOTAN, XINJIANG, CHINA ??On June 28th, residents stood witness to a monstrous sandstorm.

Footage posted to Weibo shows cars being brought to a halt as the instantaneous wind force reached level 9, carrying with it monstrous plumes of dust that blocked out the sun, making the roads too hazardous to drive.

In other clips, we can see a heavy haze looming over buildings and a giant wall of sand moving towards it.

Local residents said that this was the harshest sandstorm they have seen in quite some time.

According to a report by BTV, Hotan Airport canceled a total of 5 flights, and delayed 9, affecting nearly 1,000 passengers. As an ancient oasis town, the area has always dealt with sandstorms because of its close proximity to the Taklimakan Desert, however, in recent years deforestation has made the area more sustainable to these extreme weather events.

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