Anti-vaxer Mom changes mind after her 7 kids contract whooping cough


NSFW    Tara Hills, a Canadian mother of 7, has made news recently for coming out in favor of vaccines. The fact that being in favor of vaccines is news shows anti-vaxers have done some serious damage to public health.

The anti-vaccine movement was started by the, now discredited medical quack, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and has been promoted far and wide by such medical authorities
as Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey.

As for Tara Hills, it took her seven unvaccinated kids getting whooping cough to make her see reason. In her mea culpa she explains, anti-vaxers can be reached using
"the right approach."

So if right approach isn't using reason and evidence then what is? Anti-vaxers claim vaccines cause everything from autism to government mind control.

But all they're really doing is ruining group activities with strangers, and setting the stage for an impending epidemic; threatening the safety of our restaurants, our public transit,
and our group sex parties.

If the anti-vaxers have it their way—we'll all be too sick to ride.
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