American Airlines is saying goodbye to legroom in coach


NSFW    THE FRIENDLY SKIES — More than any other airline in the galaxy, American Airlines values its customers.

American always goes that extra mile just to make passengers feel comfortable. This is why the airline among airlines is about to give coach passengers even less legroom.

The all-about-comfort airline will be shrinking the space between most economy rows to 30 inches in its newest 737 jetliners.

At least three rows of super lucky customers will get treated to a whopping 29 inches, so they can feel like they’re on Spirit Airlines.

Not only will passengers feel cozier, but American will be able to pack in 10 more seats this way.

But if American is serious about customer service, they should be more creative and take out seats altogether. And honestly, who really uses the bathroom during a flight?

What about all the unused overhead space in the cabins and down in the luggage hold?

American should consider open air seats as well for passengers who are feeling a bit more daring.

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