Air pollution and CO2 levels plummet amid pandemic


NSFW    NEW YORK ??As the world battle's with China's latest gift to humanity, levels of pollutants in the air over many cities have dropped as the Xi Jinping Virus affects work and travel.
BBC reports that researchers in New York say carbon monoxide primarily from cars has been reduced by almost 50 percent compared to last year. Carbon dioxide emissions have also taken a sharp dive.
As economies around the world are feeling the effects of the Pooh Virus, emissions of a whole bunch of nasty gases that come with energy and transportation have dramatically been reduced.
According to scientists, C02 emissions are at their highest in May due to decomposing leaves, the levels recorded could be the lowest we've seen since the global subprime mortgage crisis over a decade ago.
Columbia University researchers said that in the Big Apple alone, traffic levels were down 35 percent compared to a year ago. The enormous levels of carbon monoxide spewed out from cars and trucks fell around 50 percent for a few days last week.
According to the Beebs, they also found a 5-10 percent drop in CO2 over New York and a big drop in methane too.
Similar drops in pollutants were also found in China and Italy.
Unfortunately, once the world gets over this China Cough-19 thing, most countries are going to focus on getting their economies going again at all costs, regardless of the impact on the environment. Fantastic.
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