TomoNews is your best source for real news. We combine photos and videos with our quickly produced animation to give you the full picture of how it all went down — and we have fun doing it.

TomoNews reacts to the news in the way that a viewer might react to the news. Some stories make us laugh. Some stories make us outraged. Some stories make us sigh and shake our heads. You’ll hear that it in our voice, especially when we’re sarcastic or over the top. Our reaction to the news is uncensored — we don’t feel the need to apologize for that. Neither should the viewer.

Politically, TomoNews defies easy categorization. We hate political correctness and don’t buy into the dominant narrative. TomoNews is neither right or left. We start by describing events as they are (and not how we wish them to be). Events inform our beliefs. Our beliefs do not inform our interpretation of events

Here are a few things we value. We believe people should be free to do as they please. Freedom of speech, universal suffrage, civil liberties, religious freedom, due process — these rights should be inalienable to everyone, everywhere, though they are not fully guaranteed in our part of the world (we’re looking at you, China).

We’re deeply suspicious any time someone tells another person how they should think, act or behave. We don’t like bullies in all forms, especially the ones who pretend to be your savior. We’re deeply suspicious of government intrusion, when people — if left to their own devices — can find a solution on their own. Our world is powered by ideas, and a free market of ideas is necessary to keep us moving forward.

Finally, TomoNews animates without fear or favor. If you do something stupid, you’re going to get animated.

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Next Animation Studio is the studio behind the innovative news platform TomoNews. Founded in 2007, Next Animation Studio is one of the largest full-service, digital animation studios in Asia with more than 500 creators and artists. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, the studio handles every step of the 3D content workflow. In addition to viral animated news stories, Next Animation Studio develops original, creative content across multiple platforms and channels.

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