A-hole internet troll nearly ruins NFL superfan's trip to Florida


NSFW    Now you should know by now that you should not post personal info on the internet, because the amount of haterade some folks drink will cause stuff like this to happen.

Last week, Alice Rodriguez was understandably ecstatic after her boyfriend Carlos surprised her with plane tickets to Jacksonville, Florida to see their Houston Texans take on the Jaguars. So much so in fact, she posted a picture of the boarding pass to a Facebook group.

Well haters gonna hate, and that’s exactly what some Jaguar fan calling himself ‘Duval Undertaker’ did. He called up Southwest Airlines and had their tickets cancelled then posted a message on Twitter talking about it. What a douche!

Now it didn’t go unnoticed, because a confirmation email is always sent out. The pair called Southwest to correct the issue, and they believed the story, promptly reissuing new tickets to the couple.

And since the whole story went viral … let’s just say they Jacksonville fans showed off their hospitality to the gracious pair.

The Jags upgraded their tix to field passes and fans there showed them love by giving them souvenirs, inviting them to tailgate and generally being a great bunch of rival fans.

As for Duval Undertaker? He seems to have suspended all his social networking accounts and has gone to ground.
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