‘NOBODY CARES!' says nasty letter to baby-pic posting mom on Facebook


NSFW    Recently in Australia, some girls were so sick of seeing their friend’s baby photo updates, that they wrote a mean letter on actual paper, ordering said-friend to cease and desist with the F-ing baby photos.

“She crawls on the mat—we DON’T care!!!!” the anonymous trollers wrote in the letter. They added, “We can’t wait for you to get back to work—maybe you won’t have time to be on Facebook quite so much.”

With more than 30 billion posts on Facebook every month, there’s bound to be a few boring baby photos in there. But is writing a hateful letter really the best way to let your ‘friend’ know you don’t care about their human larva?

We suggest this amazing tool called the “unfollow button”. A simple click can banish people from your newsfeed forever, without actually unfriending them.

Don’t agree with somebody’s extreme politics? UNFOLLOW!

Tired of food pics of your friend’s pieuvre et chaton salad? UNFOLLOW!

Don’t wanna hear about your friend’s exotic holiday … to Syria? UNFOLLOW

This simple practice will ensure that your Facebook news feed is full of nothing but interesting news from your interesting friends! And if you still feel tempted to write anonymous hate-mail to your friends, there’s always snail mail.
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