'Manhattan Madam' Anna Gristina arrested for 'prostitution ring'


NSFW    Anna Gristina, the Manhattan Madam, has been charged with promoting prostitution for allegedly running a brothel out of an Upper East Side apartment.

Reports say the Scotland-born, 44-year-old married mother of four organized pricey sexual encounters between rich men and a network of 50 female escorts, some of whom had modeled for Playboy and Penthouse. Rates ran from $1,000 to $2,000 an hour. An overseas travel package reportedly cost $25,000.

Gristina resides in the upstate New York town of Monroe, but maintained a unit in an apartment building on 78th St. in Manhattan, where the meetings took place. Neighbors recall seeing limousines parked outside the building late at night.

Gristina is said to have enjoyed police protection, which may have allowed her operation to thrive under the radar for 15 years. The NYPD is currently investigating sergeant Richard Wall, who visited Gristina's apartment on multiple occasions.

Bond for Gristina has been set at $2 million. She is currently being held at Rikers Island.
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